Daniel A. Werning, "Towards guidelines for TEI encoding of text artefacts in Egyptology", in: Monica Berti (Ed.), Epigraphy Edit-a-thon. Editing chronological and geographic data in ancient inscriptions. Leipzig, April 20-22, 2016, 2016


The presentation presents the state of discussion for guidelines for TEI XML encoding of Ancient Egyptian text artefacts in Egyptology as of middle of 2016. It introduces Egyptological projects actively involved in the development of TEI encoding recommendations and online thesauri/ontologies. Special attention is paid to the TEI encoding of toponyms, personal names, relative and absolute dates, as well as language varieties and script varieties. Furthermore, the presentation introduces the current state of an EpiDoc Cheatsheet for Egyptology compiled by Daniel A. Werning, which gives recommendations for the encoding of traditional philological markup in Egyptology which, in turn, is largely conform to the EpiDoc Guidelines (v8.21). A specific topic, in this respect, is the adaptation of the TEI ‘regularization’ tag to the needs of Egyptology.

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