The Invention of Arabia: How the Peninsula became the 'Central Place' of the Arabs
Michael C. A. Macdonald
Central and Secondary Places in North-Western Arabia during the Nabataean Period
Laïla Nehmé
Arnulf Hausleiter
Petra and the Rest: Private Architecture in the Nabataean and Roman Periods
Bernhard Kolb
Petra - A Nabataean Central Place? A Showcase? A Difficult Case!
Stephan G. Schmid
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Roman Petra: A 'Showcase' in the Central Place
Zbigniew T. Fiema
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Coin-Circulation in Petra and Hegra: A comparison in the Light of Recent Finds
Christian Augé
Dharih, Centre of the Hasa Valley or Stop on the Main Road?
François Villeneuve
Hawara (Ancient Humayma): A Case Study of the Spread of Water-Supply Technology in the Nabataean Kingdom
John-Peter Oleson
Oboda and its Territory
Tali Erickson-Gini
Jerusalem and Beyond. Central Places in the Herodian Realm
Achim Lichtenberger
Jurash in the Asir, a Central Place on the Caravan Route between South Arabia and Petra
David F. Graf
Mleiha, a Central Place in Late Pre-Islamic South-Arabia
Michel Mouton